How to make more profit by selling better tile adhesive.


In our disclaimer on our tile boxes it says “Ask your supplier to recommend the correct adhesive, curing time and cleaning materials.”
So…when your customer asks you to recommend a suitable adhesive (and even if they don’t!) look at the tiles that they’ve selected and in your best professional voice say:

“Well, these are 1st grade tiles, they’ll last forever if they’re installed properly, you should use this adhesive.” 

Point them towards your premium brand. Then go on to recommend your best grout and cleaning products. Also, always make sure that your customer is buying the recommended extra 10% to allow for breakages, trimming and spares.

The beauty of this approach to selling is that you’re not selling your customer short. On the contrary you’re offering the best professional service. Would you use cheap adhesive, I certainly wouldn’t. The benefit is that your customer leaves with a higher opinion of the tiles they’ve bought which means that they will talk about them and in all likelihood be back for more… and you’ve increased your profit by more than 10%! Plus, you can be confident that by using the best adhesives there’s far less chance that the customer will return with a complaint.

This upselling technique works!

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